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Female Hair Trends for 2022

Female Hair Trends for 2022

One of the hottest new hairstyles for 2022 is the bixie cut. This layered hairstyle incorporates elements of both pixie and bob styles, and is highly customizable for different hair textures. The ’90s trend of heavily layered cuts is also experiencing a second life in 2022. Hailey Bieber is a good example of this trend, with her gradual face-framing layers.

Caramel hair color

Whether you have naturally light brown hair or are trying to break out of the rut and go darker, there are numerous hair color trends that will suit your lifestyle and taste in 2022. From auburn to copper, there’s something for every aesthetic and lifestyle. Even the lazy peeps will have plenty of options to choose from.

Honey-gold bronde

Honey-gold bronde is a great color to wear for spring. It complements many complexions and looks great with long hair or a choppy lob cut. A side part with a slight combover is another great way to wear this color. You can also use highlights to give your chocolate brown hair some bounce.

Comb over bob

The ‘2022 female hair trend is going to be less about long, thick inches and more about classic medium to long length hairstyles with plenty of layers and a heavy side part. It will also be more about effortless curls and light, airy waves. The style will be created with a larger barrel hot tool and features a side part.

Long pixie

The long pixie is not for everyone, but for those who want to stand out from the crowd, it is a great option. The cut keeps the face open and gives plenty of volume. You can even get baby bangs to add a framing touch to the forehead.

Side bangs

If you want to change up your look without a lot of effort, try side bangs. This type of hairstyle is a hot trend right now. Moreover, it doesn’t require much maintenance.

Shaggy bob

Shags are back with a bang and are one of the most popular hairstyles for women today. With their layered shapes, shags are incredibly versatile and are ideal for all face shapes and hair textures. They are also easy to style and manage. To achieve this look, make sure to trim out any bulky areas but still maintain a sense of softness within the blunt lines. This bob has been favored by actresses and models alike, and is a great choice for the female hair trend of 2022.

Side-parted bob

For curly or straight hair, a side-parted bob is a great option. This cut is low maintenance and flatters almost every face shape. This style also makes a great first step in the fringe trend.


The year 2022 will see a new wave of female ombre hair trends. This new color scheme is incredibly fun, and it’s sure to get heads turning. This new look is inspired by the vibrant color of a sunrise. It’s a color that’s associated with new beginnings and fresh starts, and it can help people remember to always look on the bright side. In addition, it’s a great way to add contrast to an otherwise boring color, and it’s a hairstyle that will complement any outfit you wear.

Money-piece highlights

If you are looking to make your hair stand out, consider using money-piece highlights. These trendy highlights are lower-maintenance and require touch-ups every three to four months. Although they are low-maintenance, they can make your hair look grown-out if you do not visit a salon regularly. They can look best when worn with a protective style, such as wearing your hair down with face-framing strands pulled out.

Shaved hair

Shaved hairstyles are becoming more popular and can be achieved in various lengths. This gives you the flexibility to experiment with your look. Shaved hair is suitable for many different hair types, including color-treated tresses.


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