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Knockout City Crossplay

Knockout City Is Now Cross-Platform

Knockout City is now cross-platform, meaning you can play it with players from other platforms. This is an exciting feature because it allows players from different platforms to continue their progress in the same game. In this way, if you were playing the game on an Xbox One, you can continue your progress on a PS5, and vice versa. And if you were playing it on PC, you can invite friends from other platforms to play with you as well.

To enable cross-platform play, you must be logged in to the game with the same user name and password on both Xbox and PS4. If you are using the same username across both platforms, you can switch off cross-platform play by clicking on the “Disable cross-platform games” option. In the Social tab, you can select whether you want cross-platform play for all your games. If you don’t want your friends to see your invitations from other platforms, you can turn off cross-platform play by going into the Settings menu.

If you are interested in playing with other players, you can participate in the beta for Knockout City on PC and PlayStation. You can sign up to participate in the beta on the official website or download the game to your PlayStation or Xbox. The beta is free for everyone worldwide and will be available from April 2nd to April 4th. Once the beta is out, you can expect the game to be released on all platforms on 21st May.


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